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Amy Uyeki
Two Dimensional, Mixed Media, Woodcuts

“The Wrong Tree (Barking Up)”

“To Go And Come”

“While I Sit”


“Five Monks”

“Life Impermanent”

“Arrivals-Departures I"

“My Neighbor’s Goat”

“Chapter 2: Exodus”

‘Chapter 8: Unmasked And the Chase”


Amy Uyeki is an Arcata visual artist who works in several different media: oil pastel, woodcut and linocut printmaking, monotypes and soft pastels.

Uyeki’s most current works are in oil pastels supported with a base of acrylic paint. She builds layers of pastel with acrylic medium, often using sgraffito to scratch through the top color and reveal previous layers.

“I’ve been fascinated with simple, recognizable shapes – human, natural and manmade –  that can connote passages and stages. They often carry a bevy of human emotions. I combine and juxtapose these elements to create a narrative in each painting.

I like variety in my life, which is reflected in my artwork, both in the medium used and the subject matter, as well. Living in Africa and most recently, Sri Lanka, has informed my work, as well as frequent trips abroad. Life experiences have a way of filtering into my images, intentional or not. My heritage as a third generation Japanese American has also been explored through visual imagery.”

Uyeki graduated with an arts degree from the University of Kansas, with additional years of arts training from Washington University in St. Louis and the New School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. She has been a recipient of the California Arts Council Artist in Residence program for many years, and  received a CAC Visual Arts Fellowship for Printmaking. She has received numerous grants and fellowships and arts awards, statewise and nationally. She lives with her husband, Rees Hughes, and her two daughters, Chisa and Mei Lan, in the redwoods of Northern California


Media:  Painting (Pastels), Woodcuts and Linocuts, Mixed Media, Monoprints


1982-1985   New School of Visual Concepts; Seattle, Washington
1975-1978   University of Kansas; Lawrence, Kansas, BFA, 1978
1974-1975   Washington University; School of Fine Arts, St. Louis, Missouri


1987- Present   Artmaking
2004-2005       Art teacher, Jacoby Creek School, Arcata, CA
2001-2003       Artist-in-Residence, California Arts Council
                         Jacoby Creek School, Arcata, CA
1988-2001       Freelance graphic artist
1990-1993       Artist-in-Residence, California Arts Council
                        Garfield School, Eureka, California, Pacific Union School, Arcata, CA
1986-1987       Graphic artist, Northcoast View Magazine, Eureka, CA
1985-1986       Artmaking,  freelance illustrator/designer
1978-1985       Gallery assistant, Seattle, Washington; English teacher, Nairobi, Kenya;Project coordinator of ethnic dance
                         group, Seattle, Washington; Museum education assistant, Spencer Art Museum, Lawrence, Kansas


September, 2006          Community Reflected, group show at the Nancy Head Studio,             Fortuna, CA
May, 2006                   Arrivals/Departures, The Garden Gate, Arcata, CA
January, 2006               More than Meets the I: Amy Uyeki and Sonya Fe, AG Edwards Gallery, Eureka, CA
November, 2004          Images of Serendip, Plaza Design, Arcata, CA
March, 2003                SEVEN: Seven Women Artists, The Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA
November, 2001          Amy Uyeki and Libby George, Pastels, The Garden Gate, Arcata, CA
June, 2001                   Art on the Front Burner, Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA
December, 1999          Small Wonders: Recent Woodcuts, Plaza Design, Arcata, CA
December, 1997          Four Times One: An Intergenerational Exploration of Four Generations of Japanese American
, installation with artwork, video, poetry and prose by Shizue Harada, Aiko Harada Uyeki, Amy                                    Uyeki and Chisato Uyeki Hughes; Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA
1997                            Ghana Art Exchange, Gallery of the College of Art, Kumasi, Ghana
1996                            Lyrical Visions: Recent Pastel Paintings, Plaza Design, Arcata, CA
1995                            Twenty Printmakers, Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA
1994                            Passages of the Spirit, Plaza Design, Arcata, CA
1994                            Made in America: Asian-American Perspectives in Art, The Ink People Center for the Arts,
                                    Eureka, CA
1993                            Bare Bones, 5 Women Artists, Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA
1992                            Voice and Image: Pastel Paintings by Amy Uyeki inspired by senryu  poetry by her grandmother,
                                   Shizue Harada
, Plaza Design, Arcata, CA
1989-1990                   Gallery V, Kansas City, MO
1989                            Folk Tale Prints of Kenya, Plaza Design, Arcata, CA
1989                            Images of Kenya: Pastels and Linocuts, Art Center, Eureka, CA
1987                            Fish Tales, Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, California

2003                Outstanding Achievement Award, 2003 International Achievement Award, IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association
                        International) Designer of banners for Wolf Creek Educational Center, Redwood National and State Park
2001/3,1990/3 Recipient of California Arts Council Artist-in-Residence grant
1997                Recipient of mini-grant, California Council for the Humanities for the making of videos: Shizue Harada: Senryu
                        Poet, and Four Times One: 4 Generations of Japanese-American Women
1995-1996       Recipient of the New Langton Arts Award through the Regional Initiative:
                        Artists’ Regranting Program, in affiliation with the NEA
1990                Visual Arts Fellow, printmaking, California Arts Council

2004                Inclusion of artwork in Simple Screenprinting  Basic Techniques and Creative Projects by Annie Stromquist,                               Lark Publishing
May, 1992       Cover story illustration for East/West Journal, “Women Healers”
1990                Print’s Best Logos and Symbols, RC Publications
Sept., 1987      Print’s Regional Design Annual, Print Magazine