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The Museum Gift Shop offers a wide array of gifts and fine art that represents the diversity of art from the North coast. From prints, paintings and ceramics, to jewelry, exhibition catalogs and books. The art lover will find the perfect gift or new addition to a collection.

The Museum Gift Shop is open during regular museum hours,
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Morris Graves Merchandise Available for Purchase


12" wide x 20" tall

12" wide x 20" tall

"Bumblebee Rhododendron"
12" wide x 15" tall

"Oriental Poppy"
12" wide x 15" tall

"Winter Bouquets"
24 " wide x 20" tall

"The Great Blue Heron Yogi and the Great Rainbow Trout Yogi ... "
17" wide x 13" tall, $16.00


Three Times Three

Exhibition Catalog from October 6 - November 30, 1994
Featuring Artists: Peter Allegaert, Dona Blakely, Richard Case, Richard Dunning, Joan Gold, Morris Graves, John Swingdler, Brian Tripp and Frank Tuttle. $10.00

Immancence, Iridescence
Morris Graves and Mark Tobey
January 12 - February 28, 1994

Instruments for a New Navigation
Morris Graves


The Northwest School
a sense of place within

Featuring Morris Graves, Bruno Groth, Helmi Juvonen, Anne Martin McCool, Hans Nelsen, John Swingdler, and Wesley Wehr.


Sky of the Mind:
Morris Graves 1937 - 1987


Morris Graves
Vessels of Transformation

1932 - 1986



Northwest Mythologies The Interactions of Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan and Guy Anderson

Some of the best-known modern painters in the American Northwest, the artists Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, and Guy Anderson have been called the leaders of a Northwest School since the 1940s. But a detailed investigation of their interactions from 1930 to 1954 shows the perception of these four artists as a cohesive group to be a myth. Drawing on letters and interviews, Northwest Mythologies offers a new analysis of their interactions and accomplishments, and places their art and ideologies in the larger context of American modernism. $40.00

Sounds of the Inner Eye: John Cage, Mark Tobey and Morris Graves

Sounds of the Inner Eye explores the artistic and biographical connection among three of the Pacific Northwestís most significant and highly respected artists.

Sounds of the Inner Eye explores the lives and careers of these three men who were instrumental in leading a community of artists, patrons, and scholars into a deeper understanding of the potential and power of art and, in turn, had a large impact on much of what followed in modern art in America. Known as the Northwest Mystics, they were influenced by Eastern philosophies and the natural beauty of the Pacific Rim. Their legendary nickname has remained over time, helping to establish the Northwest as a center for artistic talent, worthy of the admiration of the international art community. $40.00

Iridescent Light: The Emergence of Northwest Art

Former Seattle newspaper art critic Ament profiles a series of 20 artists active in Washington State during the formative periods of their careers, moving from the 1930s forward. Beginning with painters Mark Tobey (1890-1976) and Morris Graves (1910-2001) and including many lesser-known artists, the works of this loosely defined Northwest School reflected the area's isolation, marine landscape, and diffused light. After a brief introduction, Ament provides appreciative chapters on the artists, only a minority of whom won recognition outside the region. (Randlett, whose photographs illustrate much of the book, is one of those profiled.) Based on firsthand knowledge and interviews, the book provides a real feeling for the individual artists. $45.00

MORRIS GRAVES: Flower Paintings

Presenting an overview of the lesser known later flower paintings by noted Northwest visionary artist Morris Graves (b. 1910), covering selected works from 1938 through 1992. The art critic Theodore Wolff has contributed a thoughtful analysis of these paintings, and characterizes them as a summary of the artist's lifelong attempt to translate the spiritually ineffable into pictorial form.$39.95

Children's Books

Author Mary Nethery grew up in California and has always loved to write. In the second grade, the author began her first novel complete with illustrations, and hasn't stopped writing. She has traveled extensively and has a passion for adventure, animals, kindness, and spunky characters--the themes most often found in her books. The Morris Graves Museum of Art currently carries Hannah and Jackand Mary Veronica's Egg, Both have received enthusiastic reviews.

Natasha Wing is a children's author and photographer. She writes fiction, concept books, and holiday books. She has also been published in children's magazines, such as Highlights, Babybug and Ladybug.  Natasha is interested in a variety of topics - one reason why she writes children's books. "I explore the things I love, then write about them so kids can enjoy them, too." She especially likes writing for 5-8 year olds.   The Morris Graves Museum of Art currently carries The Night Before the Tooth Fairy, The Night Before the 100th Day of School, The Night Before First Grade, and The Night Before Summer Camp.

Pamela Service has written everything from a picture book retelling of the legend of Merlin to Young Adult novels involving time travel and creatures from outer space. “Even when I was little, I would weave long fantastic tales to entertain myself and anyone else who would listen.  I began writing science fiction tales and sending them to publishers. The steady stream of rejections kept me quiet about this bizarre habit, but slowly I was learning the craft. Suddenly I was proudly admitting that I write for kids. And I began to realize that though I enjoy the other things I do, and use them in my books, it is the writing that I really love.” The Morris Graves Museum of Art currently carries Tomorrow’s Magic. 

Barbara Kerley grew up in Virginia. After college, she joined the Peace Corps, teaching English, math and science in Nepal. Later, she and her husband moved to Guam, where Barbara taught English, learned to SCUBA dive, and had a baby. They left Guam and moved to California when their daughter Anna was eight months old. Several years later, while on a long car trip, Anna began asking questions about Guam. Barbara's first children's book, Songs of Papa’s Island, grew out of that afternoon. The Morris Graves Museum of Art currently carries Greetings From Planet Earth, A Little Peace, You and Me Together, and A Cool Drink of Water.

Books & Catalogs

Melissa Chandon, Landmarks: A Visual Essay

Melissa Chandon’s oil paintings are rendered with a passionate physical language that evokes a deep feeling of isolation and loneliness amidst the welcoming tradition of her subjects. Focusing on the vanishing icons of Americana, including road side attractions, historical agricultural equipment and beloved Volkswagen Buses, Chandon’s work encompasses the sentiment of these disappearing symbols one might pass on a lonely stretch of road. This catalog was especially made for Melissa’s exhibition at the Museum with an introduction by Jemima Harr, an essay by Peter London, Professor Emeritus of Dartmouth, and dialogue with Melissa and Blake Stimson, Professor of Art History at U.C. Davis. $25.00

The Carson Mansion, Ingomar Club

Fresh off the press, this historical book is a must for locals and tourists to Humboldt County. The book contains large detailed color photographs and the story of the life and times of William and Sarah Carson. $10.00
Miracles of MotherHood, Prayers and Poems for a New Mother

Artist, author and storyteller Anita Punla is a featured poet in this newly released book. With the birth of her daughter She’ifa, she was motivated to find and tell stories of wisdom and enchantment. “Storytelling is a way of gently sharing different perspectives from many cultures and generations, and has become a way of clarifying my own understandings. As a member of the Northcoast Storytellers, I welcome opportunities to give the gift of story.” $16.99

Arcata (Images of America) (Paperback)

Book Description
Arcata, a bright jewel surrounded by the redwood forested hills of northern Humboldt Bay, was once the territory of the Wiyot Indians. The tribe only barely survived massacres and relocation after a town was founded there in 1850, a supply point for gold seekers at nearby mines. That town soon evolved into a center for a thriving lumber industry that fed sawmills and a barrel factory, and dairies that prospered on the pastoral Arcata Bottom. Home to Humboldt State University and the much loved Humboldt Crabs baseball team, Arcata is attracting new businesses, industries, and national attention for its innovative Arcata Marsh public works project. $19.99

About the Author
Jessie Faulkner serves as public relations manager for the Humboldt County Historical Society and is also a history columnist for the Times Standard newspaper and the Humboldt Historian.

Eureka and Humboldt County, Ca (Paperback)

Book Description
The cry amongst the redwoods, Eureka!, was the shout heard from early pioneers in 1850 as they came to settle in Humboldt County. Discovery of gold permanently changed the areaís history, and eventually lead to the extraction of Humboldt’s other natural resource: the ìred goldî of its forests. Captured here in over 200 vintage photographs is the pictorial history of this bountiful county and its residents. ÝÝAs the gold fever faded in the late 1800s, Humboldt Countyís primary source of industry became the lumbering of its vast redwoods. Pictured here are the men and machines that felled, transported, and milled the lumber, as well as photographs of the elegant Victorian mansions of the industryís lumber barons, such as William Carson. Weaving the history of Humboldt County together are the stories of its earliest residents, including the Native American tribes, fevered Gold Rushers, the early Chinese community, railroad workers, shipyard sailors, and industrious farming families, all of whom created the foundation it prospers on today. $19.99

About the Author
Using photographs exclusively from the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka, curator Pamela Service and historian Raymond W. Hillman have preserved the history of Eureka and Humboldt County through this new title in Arcadiaís Images of America series.

Ferndale (Images of America) (Paperback)

Book Description
The enchanting “Victorian Village” of Ferndale in the Eel River Valley is designated a “Distinctive Destination” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is a California Historical Landmark. Named by its founders, the Shaw brothers, to honor the six-foot-tall ferns that once choked the thickly forested valley floor, the town became a vital center for goods bound by water for San Francisco and a crossroads for stages to Eureka and Bear River. For many years after the Shaws first paddled their canoe across the Eel River in 1852, travelers forded it by ferry. This changed when Fernbridge was constructed in 1911, at that time the longest reinforced concrete–arch span bridge in the world. $19.99

About the Author
Drawing on the large photographic collections of the Ferndale Museum, this book traces the history of the entire valley, including Port Kenyon, Arlynda, Centerville, Grizzly Bluff, Waddington, and the Wildcat, from the first colorful Carpenter Gothic home built by Seth Shaw in 1854 to the fantastic Christmas Lighted Tractor Parade of today.

Limitied Edition Historical Buidling Ornaments

Limited Edition Historical Building Ornaments:

404 E Street, Eureka, Classical Revival style building built in 1904, Builders Robinsen and Carrico, Original Owner Philip Needs. Current Owners, the Williams Family. Ten Window Williams Jewelers is celebrating its 80th Anniversary in 2007.

Other Ornaments for Sale: Historic Benbow Inn, Historic Sweasey Theatre, Gross Builiding, Professional Building, William Carson Mansion, The Eureka Inn, Carnegie / Eureka Free Public Library, and Historic Vance Hotel

View Them All Here

$10 each (Sales tax included)

Humboldt Bay Coffee Limited Edition MGMA Exhibtion Bags

Now Serving Humboldt Bay Coffee in
Limited Edition Exhibition Bags

The Humboldt Arts Council and the Morris Graves Museum of Art is proud to announce a new partnership with Humboldt Bay Coffee Company. We will be offering six roasts in an MGMA Limited Edition Exhibition bag.

Coffee is available whole bean or ground and is ready for pick up in the Museum Gift Shop only a few short days after ordering. You can come in person, order by phone, or mail/email your information with the form provided online The Morris Graves Museum of Art, located at 636 F Street, Eureka is open to the public Noon- 5p.m., Wednesday through Sunday. For more information contact Rebecca Froehlich at (707) 442-0278, ext.201

Other Items
The Wood Art of Joy Dellas

Joy Dellas paints her iconic animals and angels wherever her brush lands - whether it is recycled boards or tin flashing, fine art materials, or house paint - the sorts of things that end up in the colorful studio/garden of her well-lived-in coastal home.
“My art is about the connection between the sacred and the mundane, about everyday miracles and acts of courage that make the tapestry of our lives so much more endurable and extraordinary. I’ve always been somewhat of an autobiographical and narrative painter. My imagery comes from real life, dreams, mythology, folklore and religious traditions. I work large or small scale, with fine or recycled materials, and with classical or contemporary themes.”

Eureka's 150th Anniversary Commemorative Postcards and Posters

Eureka was established as a town government on April 18, 1856. In 2006, as part of the City's yearlong celebration of 150 years of history, Juan Buckingham Wandesford's oil painting Eureka Waterfront, 1854 was scanned and mad available to the public as an art print and a postcard, as a keepsake of the Anniversary. The original painting is hanging was on display at the Morris Graves Museum of Art for the year and has return now to City Hall. $10 - poster, $2.00 - postcards. 

Panyard Vibarations CD
by Pan Dulce Steel Orchestra

Track list:

  • Steel City Jam, composed by Tom Miller
  • On De' Loose, composed by Ray Holman
  • Do What Yuh Want, composed by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe \
  • I Know What You're Thinking, composed by Paul G. Ross \
  • One Super Power, composed by Dennis "Merchant" Williams \
  • Zig Zag, composed by Andy Narell
  • Pan Woman, composed by Ray Holman

For more informaiton visit their website