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5x7 Exhibition & Art Splurge!

At 6 p.m. on May 2nd the Humboldt Arts Council will open the doors to the MGMA for the event of the year, our second annual 5×7 Exhibition and Sale fundraiser.

The MGMA walls are alive with hundreds of dazzling, multicolored, easy-to-frame 5” x 7” works of art hung in a must-be-seen installation. Free to the public, attendees will be treated to appetizers and refreshments as they vie for their favorites to take home for their own viewing pleasure or as one-of-a kind gifts. Each piece will sell for $100 (or $75 for current HAC Members).

To level the playing field, all work is displayed anonymously in order for supporters to purchase works for pure pleasure. Of course, artists have identified themselves on the back of each work.

Attendees who want to ensure getting their top choice can purchase a first-pick ticket. The HAC is selling just 30 of the first-pick tickets for $50 each. Each first-pick buyer will be able to claim their favorite pieces at 5:30, prior to the Splurge opening to the general public… trust us, this will be a great investment. Plus, making your picks is really fun.

Get your First Pick Ticket Here!

But none of this is possible without the wonderful artist donations as far away as Australia, New York City, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area as well as works from our favorite local artists. It is a great mix of work.

All proceeds from this fundraiser go to support the HAC’s Youth Art Education Programs


Deborah Barlow

Behind, Beyond, Beneath: Scaling the Continuum

April 25 through June 7

Artists and scientists share a common fascination with nature. While both approach their work with a sense of discovery, scientists find answers through methodical procedures that break the world down into component parts. Artists on the other hand are more inclined to experience nature in its totality, relishing their engagement with wonder and awe. Rather than dismantling or categorizing the world, they seek a nonlinear entry into what lies beneath and beyond what the eye can see. The multilayered universe is limitless with secrets and the unseen, and it is that complexity that continues to compel the artist’s eye and mind. Painter Deborah Barlow has studied images from one end of the continuum to the other—the microscopy of single organisms to NASA’s hyperspectral radiographs of the multiverse. Rather than approaching these phenomena with deductive or reductive intent, she employs the materiality of paint to engage with what is essentially ineffable and deeply sublime. Luminous, evocative and richly surfaced, her paintings bring the viewer face to face with the profound mystery and wonder that is everywhere in the natural world.

14th Annual Northwest Eye Regional Photography Competition & Exhibition

May 2 through May 31

The Northwest Eye is a five-state regional fine art photography competition and exhibition highlighting the current trends in the art of photography. This exhibition showcases the creativity and beauty caught by some of the finest photographers in the Northwest.

Exhibition Sponsored by the Pierson Building Center

2015 Accepted Entries


Trinidad School: Beautiful Inspirations from Children's Books

Students grade 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will exhibit an array of multi-media artworks inspired by children’s books.

Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection Gallery

View changing selections from the HAC Permanent Collection including works by Morris Graves, Romano Gabriel, Melvin Schuler, Bruno Groth and Glenn Berry.